Observations 5-1-20

  • The four orange latex gloves strewn along the middle of the street.

Observations 5-2-20

  • The pickup truck with a custom-made hardwood bed.

Observations 5-3-20

  • Becoming, over the past many weeks, a quarantine-nocturnal person (quaranturnal).

Observations 5-4-20

  • The young person with army green pants, an army green sweatshirt, and an army green face mask.
  • The father and son, my neighbors, riding hoverboards down the street.

Observations 5-5-20

  • Mom finding our robot vacuum after years of its missing (and our assuming it had deliberately gone AWOL). Under the couch.

Observations 5-6-20

  • The man drinking out of a gallon jug of milk standing outside the back door of his car.
  • No matter how many times it fools me, always getting fooled again by our soap dispenser that squirts soap across the room no matter how gently you press it.
  • Walking past a neighbor whose face is non-normative, thinking about how this period of wearing masks might be freeing for them, how it might be a relief from the usual stares and glares and reactions.

Observations 5-7-20

  • The great drums on Mick Jagger’s “Memo from Turner,” which I’m pretty sure are played by Gene Parsons?
  • The tiny fiber on the edge of my lampshade, wiggling in the fan-wind.
  • The loose wooden slats in our living room air vent clacking against each other, making a cute autonomous instrument.

Observations 5-8-20

  • Acid Rain by Amos Pitsch.

Observations 5-9-20

  • Mourning Little Richard, the Architect.
    • The super brief, cool tape slowdown during one of the sax solos in “Keep a Knockin’.”
  • Surprising Mom with a Mother’s Day Cameo greeting from Peter Noone, her all-time favorite.
  • Wondering who is going around building those plexiglass shields for points of sale at local businesses. Or is everyone building their own?

Observations 5-10-20

  • Learning that PETA recently bought shares in Tyson and two more of the world’s largest meatpacking companies to push them toward becoming 100% vegan meat producers (via Vox).

Observations 5-11-20

  • The twofold nostalgia of hearing Tom Petty’s music now: the sadness for him and the sadness for the sound of arenas (which isn’t my venue size of choice, but which nonetheless sounds triumphant and fun now).

Observations 5-12-20

  • Being pleasantly surprised by the supportive comments on a woodworking forum user’s obviously in-over-their-head post about a first project idea.

Observations 5-13-20

  • Driving past downtown Chicago at night and thinking about how hard it must be to see even a single skyscraper project through from plans to the end, and how it’s been done over a hundred times in Chicago alone. It makes our record and book projects seem comically easy (but they’re hard in their own ways). People are nuts.

Observations 5-14-20

  • Watching Aretha sing “Natural Woman” at Carole King’s Kennedy Center Honors ceremony, and Carole’s reaction, and crying (as a fam). It’s moving to watch someone own so wholly. You already know that, but you feel it when you see it.