Observations 2021-04-01

  • The medium-term memory of our scalps — how they can remember glasses, tiaras, yarmulkes seemingly for days after they’re no longer worn.
  • Back to floor gluin’.

Observations 2021-04-02

  • Basil competing with the Dyson vacuum to suck up spilled cat food first.

Observations 2021-04-03

  • The Who “Join Together” live as heard on Chicago classic rock radio.

Observations 2021-04-04

  • The woman taking a sip out of her boyfriend’s Camelback.
  • The various adults in Easter bunny suits roaming the city.
  • The cloudless blue sky at the beach.

Observations 2021-04-05

  • Richard Misrach’s gorgeous photos of the Golden Gate bridge (via Noah Kalina’s newsletter).
  • I have no tattoos but I would consider getting one of/for Oral-B Glide floss.

Observations 2021-04-06

  • The McDonald’s front door strapped in to a glass company’s truck for repair.

Observations 2021-04-07

  • The grocery store clearance cart full of 99¢ gefilte fish.

Observations 2021-04-08

  • Pulling over to help an older guy who seemed to be having trouble. I thought he was having a heart attack but it turned out he was drunk (and still needing medical attention). He wanted me to call an ambulance so I did, and while we were waiting for it he said I look like Steve Winwood and cried that a stranger (me), “not even my son,” was helping him.
  • Zaid’s (Pedro) return to the Tweedy Show.

Observations 2021-04-09

  • The deflated, rotten pepper in the grass looking like a used condom.

Observations 2021-04-10

Observations 2021-04-11

  • The Plot Against America series putting my nerves on edge.

Observations 2021-04-12

  • A special our-friend-Oona’s Birthday episode of the Tweedy Show.

Observations 2021-04-13

  • The thin layer of drywall dust on my arms and hair from sanding our studio lounge ceiling.

Observations 2021-04-14

  • Basil accidentally dragging a couple of strung-together turds (he swallowed some hair) around the house.

Observations 2021-04-15

  • Having fun perusing the offerings at Harbor Freight.

Observations 2021-04-16

  • Rallying in Logan Square in honor of Adam Toledo.

Observations 2021-04-17

  • A Great Day in the Morning” by Carl Perkins. What! (Via Dad.)
  • How unexpected and jarring it is that rotting flowers smell as bad as they do.

Observations 2021-04-18

  • Annie Dillard writing about hiding pennies on the ground as a kid and drawing arrows on the sidewalk pointing to them, just to provide a miraculous “gift from the universe” to passersby (in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek).

Observations 2021-04-19

  • The cows in a transport on the highway. Making eye contact with one of them. Her snout poking through the grate on the side. Nearly crying at it, and wondering about the limits of their perception of the situation.

Observations 2021-04-20

  • The box of floppy disks in the dumpster at Eazypower Tooling’s former warehouse.

Observations 2021-04-21

  • The delicious, nourishing, vegan, Korean soups at Amitabul.

Observations 2021-04-22

  • Getting an oil change at a non-franchise local joint from a kind, older mechanic.

Observations 2021-04-23

  • A perfectly cylindrical poop created by Basil. I was impressed at his skill until I looked more closely and realized the cylinder was an earplug he had eaten.
  • Casey absolutely kicking ass at a private show her band, Case Oats, played.

Observations 2021-04-24

  • My neighbor’s beautiful ceramic artworks, like magnified microbes.
  • The older man lifting a huge crucifix out of his trunk.
  • The speckled asparagus-y dogwood plants at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
  • The twisted rebar sticking out of the concrete fragments on the beach at Fort Sheridan.
  • The feeling that some writing about nature is somehow braggadocious, competitive, as if it says, “Aren’t my senses keen?” I won’t name names, partly because I worry I’m projecting that quality onto them!
  • The idea that great music feels like a liminal space — emotionally evocative, unique, palpable in its weirdness or its melancholy.

Observations 2021-04-25

  • Getting a glimpse of the blinking phone switches and servers in “the back” at Target.

Observations 2021-04-26

  • A beautiful, sunny break from kinda dour weather.

Observations 2021-04-27

  • Cleaning up the workshop.

Observations 2021-04-28

  • Baby’s first time cooking salmon (for me) and chicken (for Casey) in a cast-iron skillet.
  • Engineer and artist Tim Hunkin’s YouTube series “The Secret Life of Components.”

Observations 2021-04-29

  • The large patron at a discount tool store jovially “joking” about “blowing this place up!” if the power tool batteries he ordered aren’t satisfactory.

Observations 2021-04-30

  • Sawing MDF boards outside and creating a massive pile of fine dust, which Jason and I tried to vacuum and sweep up as well as we could.