Observations 10-27-20

  • Hauling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of drywall debris.

Observations 10-26-20

  • Dad on Colbert, after Sacha Baron Cohen.
    • I’m always surprised to see a Sacha Baron Cohen interview because I expect him to be secretive, hermetic, like Banksy.
  • The massive, independent wholesale hardware store, frozen in time, a delicious if not dank antidote to Home Depot and Lowe’s.
    • Deliberately scuffing up my pants with drywall dust before driving there, to help my chances of being taken seriously.
    • The beautiful green vise I want to buy for my (future) workbench.
    • The chained-shut double-door that opens from a second-floor office out onto nothing.
    • The store’s point-of-sale-system: CRT monitors with a black-screen-green-text command-line program running on them.

Observations 10-25-20

  • And the Hits Just Keep on Comin’ and Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash by Michael Nesmith (via my friend Don).

Observations 10-24-20

  • Sammy Davis Jr.’s many TV performances of “Mr. Bojangles” from the ’70s and ’80s.
  • Carving pumpkins with Casey and Mel.

Observations 10-23-20

  • The release of LOVE IS THE KING, my dad’s new album made with Sammy and me. Available on Bandcamp, everywhere you stream music, and physically at WilcoWorld.net!

Observations 10-22-20

  • The cotton-candy pink fiberglass insulation shards embedded in my arm.
  • The weak radio signal cutting back and forth between fantasy football talk radio and old-time music.

Observations 10-21-20

  • The so-sweet messages from young self-recording musicians about being encouraged by Mirror Sound.

Observations 10-20-20

  • The car transport truck almost getting stuck under a viaduct. The driver getting out, smiling and laughing at his near-handiwork. Ten minutes later, me, walking home on a different street. He’s driving on it, having found a safe route around the viaduct. I give him a thumbs-up and he thumbs-ups back.
  • The lawn-mowing robots on a corporate campus in the suburbs.
  • The release of Mirror Sound, a book about musicians who self-record I created with Lawrence Azerrad and Daniel Topete. Available here. 😊

Observations 10-19-20

Observations 10-18-20

  • Imagining a Robert Pollard and Lil B collaborative album.

Observations 10-17-20

  • The person flying a dragon-shaped kite alone at a church parking lot at night.

Observations 10-16-20

  • Automatic Slim and the Fat Boys” by Michael Hurley.
    • Hurley’s “dawn’s early light” reminding me that in all my childhood, I thought “dawn’s early” of the national anthem was a single adjective, like “dawnserly.”
  • At a socially distanced hang, a friend dropping her phone into a campfire, and me pulling it out with a conveniently located pair of fire tongs. It survived with screen damage.

Observations 10-15-20

  • Feeling the back of my bottom teeth for the first time in like 10 years, after getting my bottom retainer wire removed.
  • Tr*mp campaign advisor Mercedes Schlapp’s tweet comparing Biden’s town hall to an episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, as if that were a diss, reminding me of this post I wrote in 2018.

Observations 10-14-20

  • The banner advertising the “National Collage of Phlebotomy” [sic].
  • The semi-truck tractor with a “STUDENT DRIVER” sign on it.

Observations 10-13-20

  • The smell of campfire emanating from my hair.
  • While buying a garbage can at a home improvement store, the cashier asking Jason and me if we would like to put her in the garbage can and take her home.

Observations 10-12-20

  • Pulling up old carpet, and little patches of it sticking to the concrete beneath like tufts of fur.
  • Los Angeles” by Dougie Poole.

Observations 10-11-20

Observations 10-10-20

  • The grandpa and grandson perched atop a sand dune, stoicly/sweetly watching Lake Michigan.
  • Reading and sleeping on a dune myself, leg sorta dangling over the edge.
  • The dessert shop worker cleaning a giant metal cauldron (for fudge) with a proportionally giant toothbrush-ish brush.

Observations 10-9-20

  • The Calvin drawing-esque decal on a pickup truck at a gas station in Indiana: “Nobody cares about your stupid little family,” beneath a stick-figure airplane dropping bombs on a stick-figure family.

Observations 10-8-20

  • The huge tree grown around a light pole. Like, the entire base of the light pole, engulfed by tree.
  • The public park field house door that comes to a triangular point at its top.
  • The minivan driver resting her head on its steering wheel at a stop light.

Observations 10-7-20

  • Watching the Vice Presidential debate, struggling to understand what motivates someone like Mike Pence to do the things he does. I know the answers are there. They’re not easy to accept.

Observations 10-6-20

Observations 10-5-20

  • The person pushing a bike stacked with like eight wooden dining chairs.
  • The cubic church building, which was once painted gray and had no windows, is now a hyper-hip office with art and large ferns in its newly cut windows [also: 2-16-20].

Observations 10-4-20

  • The ultrathin film of cobweb between the bed headboard and the wall, rippling in the draft.

Observations 10-3-20

  • Tr*mp sign after Tr*mp sign in rural Michigan yards. But then: one massive farm building, painted corner-to-corner with a Biden mural.

Observations 10-2-20

  • Blasting static-y WLEY regional Mexican radio in the car with Sammy, appreciating the ultraslick horn lines and deep vocal vibrato.

Observations 10-1-20

  • Oh, to have Jimmy Carter as our president. Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter.
  • Butoh baby” by Oliver Coates.

Observations 9-30-20

  • How, when I use my family’s new Dyson vacuum cleaner, it feels like the walls ratchet up into the sky, our roof slides off, lights and cameras repel in, and I’m on a soundstage shooting an ad for Dyson, where I play the incredulous young guy who can’t believe how well the vacuum works on every surface, every time, with hardly any noise, so much better than any other vacuum he’s seen in his twenty-four years of life, and Mom plays the mom who’s excited her son is finally enthusiastic about a vacuum.
  • Prince’s 2007 halftime show. 😢
  • NRBQ’s cameo on Simpsons episode 234.

Observations 9-29-20

  • The little bit of deep blue sky poking through the otherwise totally gray dusk.
  • The Debate…

Observations 9-28-20

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