Observations 2022-11-26

Observations 2022-11-26 and earlier editing in progress; coming soon!

Observations 2022-11-27

  • Embarking on the road to Seattle for Liam’s tour with The New Pornographers.

Observations 2022-11-28

  • The decrepit gas station in Brewster, Kansas surrounded by vast, barren plains.
  • Freezing my gooch on an ice cold bidet.
  • The revelations about WWII Axis propaganda — and its similarities with the present day — in One Year: 1942.

Observations 2022-11-29

  • Waking up to snow outside Denver, Colorado.
  • The view from a scenic highway overlook in Rock Springs, Wyoming.
  • The singing emanating from the motel room next door — either DIY karaoke or a recording session, at 2 AM.

Observations 2022-11-30

  • The snow-capped stones in Naches River.
  • The primordial urge to climb a mountain that stands in front of you. Just to see what’s up there, what it’s like up there.
  • The little kids trudging home from the school bus through snow in Naches, Washington.
  • The knives and swords for sale at the truck stop in Mission, Oregon, large and plentiful even by truck stop standards.
  • The beautiful mountain pass we tried to take to Seattle in order to avoid bad conditions on I-90, which we discovered to be closed after 40 miles of following it (and, thankfully, 40 miles of enjoying the gorgeous trees that line it).
    • The friendly clerk at Whistlin’ Jack’s gas station who gave us advice to bypass the pass.