Gradually improving this website is like a worry stone. I come back to it when I want to soothe myself with something comprehensible, puzzle-like, and expressive.

I develop it “by hand” because it’s fun and because I want the cottage industry of the web to continue. The commercial internet has consolidated so much influence in the hands of so few. With open-source tools, small-tech businesses, and our own little dinky websites, I believe we can foster more constructive applications of the internet.

My website’s underlying code and more information about the technologies it uses are on GitHub.

The pixel-y typeface seen on the homepage is FT88 Italic by Ange Degheest and Velvetyne. The rest of the text is set in Facit by Tim Ahrens at Just Another Foundry. The photo of me on the homepage is by Sarah Elizabeth Larson. The drum icon is by Arthur Shlain via The Noun Project. I use the Nova code editor on macOS.

Along this journey of homegrown website cooking, I’m inspired by Robin Sloan, Frank Chimero, Jessica Hische, Craig Mod, Mandy Brown, Dan Sinker, and countless others who informed my ideas about the web as a teen in the late aughts and early 2010s.