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Michelle DiGiacomo needs our help

On September 13th, 2012, Drug Enforcement Administration officers raided the home of my family friend, Michelle DiGiacomo, and arrested her in front of her horrified daughter. They mistook Michelle for a drug dealer, when in reality, she is a medical marijuana user who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cervical Spine Disease, Rotator Cuff Disease, torn biceps, and Fibromyalgia.

Now, she has no money. A stellar tenant for three years, her landlord has asked her to move. She can hardly afford to eat. The cost of defending herself against the law has crippled her more than her diseases ever have.

This is a woman who—despite her numerous and severe ailments—has dedicated her life to charity work. When the DEA impounded her car, it was filled with school supplies headed for impoverished students.

Michelle DiGiacomo is not a criminal. She needs our help.

Please donate whatever you can. Every cent goes directly into Michelle’s PayPal account so that she can pay for her apartment, food, her $2,500 bail loan and $4,500 in legal fees.