Spencer Tweedy

Love & logic.

Some of the things that I saw today

I see lots of cool things every day of my life, and I credit that to two bits of nature: the things that are put around me, and the wonder that was put in me. Thank you so much, for that, and literally everything, nature.

Here are some of the things that I saw today:

I saw a big gang of devotedly generous people stand in front of a building and yell things and dance and wave signs. I saw them walk around a building that exists so that people like them can grow and help grow, kids like me can grow and help grow, and places like ours can grow and help grow. I saw them peacefully demand that it and other buildings like it be better at what it’s there to do. They did it for their own sake, for my sake, my friends’ sakes, every single person’s foreseeable sakes. I saw my friends stand with them and ask for the same thing.

I saw a giant grasshopper hop across the sidewalk. I saw one of those people coax his squeamish daughters into getting close to that grasshopper, and looking at its legs, and its eyes. I saw big, hearty nuggets of curiosity flowing from him into his kids.

Students protesting

I saw a myriad of 300-calorie Hostess desserts and, after a painstaking process of elimination, chose Ho Hos. I saw names of gums and syrups on its wrapper that, after a year-long course in chemistry, I actually can understand, but that I still don’t want to make a part of my body. I thought I’ll splurge in the name of public education, then No one should ever use the word splurge. I saw a dime laying in the little recess underneath the clerk’s window, and I wondered why he hadn’t put it in the register. My Ho Hos were $1.09, I paid with a five, he gave me four, took the mystery dime and the hypothetical penny. I believe in coincidence and not the other stuff but that felt funny. I ate all three Ho Hos within five minutes and immediately proceeded to bike three miles. I got lost, then I looked in front of me and I saw my intersection.

I saw this beautiful, imaginative website from Penguin, the book publisher. I saw the names of the people who made that website and I clicked on them. One of those people was Alan Trotter. On his portfolio, I saw a really unique way of telling people who you are. I also saw this great, great video that he helped make.

A snippet from Impress A Penguin

I saw this photo of two cats snuggling. Justin Ouellette, one of my favorite photographers, posted it. They’re his cats, Wallace Ouerle and Freddy Poptart. They’re cute.

Freddy Poptart and Wallace Ouerle snuggling

I’m not one to drop some cringe-worthy cliché-swag on you, but I often find that the little sayings that worm their way through our culture have been able to do that worming because they’re true. It’s when I see things like these that I’m reminded of a few of those wormies, and how they’re right despite being tired. I think you know which ones.