Spencer Tweedy

Observations 9-8-18

  • Biking with Casey in the forest preserve, the same woods I biked when I was little, my end-of-summer goal. The feeling of contentedness from exercise, seeing those woods again, and the mfing pre-fall wind.
    • Stopping by the lagoon.
    • Watching people fish for food.
    • The bench plaque that read “In honor of all those whom [sic] served in Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation Enduring Freedom.”
  • Watching two young, short kids struggle to use a ketchup dispenser and helping them while their dad watched football.
  • The two men repairing a washing machine under lamplight in an otherwise dark, empty laundromat.
  • Collecting signatures to get a mayoral candidate on the ballot in Chicago. Most people being nice, but one guy shooting me down (I’m an inexperienced canvasser so those moments sting).
  • Adopting a new “no flipping the LP while the turntable plate is still spinning” policy after almost ruining a record (and the needle).
    • Playing a record I bought based on its album cover more than four years ago, thinking pessimistically that I would never actually listen to it, and loving it (Drums Like Machine Guns / Mincemeat or Tenspeed split from 2007).