Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-31-18

  • Learning the word “melliferous” (“yielding or producing honey”) by looking up whether a typo word was real (it wasn’t).
  • The percussion professor demonstrating a rhythm on my arms, accidentally slapping my flu shot site [10-29-18].
  • Finding hero material in Maciej Ceglowski, who runs Pinboard as a lightweight, one-person company (whereas Delicious and similar sites of the past were multi-million-dollar, Yahoo-acquired behemoths) and Tech Solidarity, which is changing the way progressive candidates fund campaigns. Their Grate Slate project will hopefully win two to thirteen “free” House seats for Democrats on Tuesday, just by funneling small donations from internet nerds to overlooked races. It’s a “why didn’t someone do this sooner?” idea. And he writes about it really well on idlewords.com.