Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-27-18

  • The student earnestly learning how to play “Don’t Stop Believin’,” from YouTube, on a piano in the retreat center great room.
  • Stepping on a sticky spot of the floor three times before deciding to take matters into my own hands and clean it up.
  • The endearing retreat center chef telling us about his prior life as the (adult, professional) chef for a frat house, his 1960s Chris-Craft boat, and how grateful he feels to live in his new, old house and to see the lake every day.
    • His periodic announcements during meals to explain that the dishes were cooked from scratch and that the cheese is “real Wisconsin cheese.”
    • How someone spelled dessert “dissert” on the daily whiteboard menu.
  • Hiking through the little streams and shoreline woods of Door County.
  • Learning about the distinction between doctrinal and therapeutic philosophy (from Van Norden’s Introduction to Chinese Philosophy), four years in and three weeks away from a degree in philosophy.