Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-26-18

  • Noticing two face hairs that I missed while shaving and leaving them there, defiantly.
  • My classmate who uses an unoccupied desk as an ottoman for his legs, and how it doesn’t bother me because he makes really thoughtful comments.
  • Thinko’s drawonthiswebsite.com project. People have done similar things before but theirs looks better-executed. I like the idea of drawing on the website itself, as if it’s a spatial surface.
  • Watching a man dig a hole on campus that he had started at the direction of a metal detector. Wondering whether he was a maintenance faculty person or an audacious neighbor.
  • The Essential Peggy March retrospective compilation.
    • The first eleven seconds of “He Couldn’t Care Less.”
    • The crazy, Motown-emulating bass on “Fool, Fool, Fool (Look In the Mirror).”
  • Imagining a phone case with a screen on the back so it could show the world what book you’re reading—so you wouldn’t have to feel guilty about reading on your phone anymore. One way not to feel guilty.
  • The copy of The 36-Hour Day on the student retreat center manager’s desk.
  • The international students singing “We Are Young” around a campfire.
  • Cold Lake Michigan from the Wisconsin side at night.
  • The moonlight peeking out from underneath the retreat center curtains.