Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-20-18

  • How the Virgin Mary candles are next to the cleaning supplies at the corner store.
  • Breaking out my full-blown winter coat.
  • The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society “Light the Night” walk being canceled because of high winds (porta-potties were blowing over). Mom feeling disappointed, but still happy that we raised so much money (Team Susan Miller Tweedy is in the top three teams of the state!).
  • Playing a great, nice-feeling show with Henry for his album release, in the basement of a DIY house, with two other really weird, inspiring bands (one sounded like Tropicália mixed with English folk, the other was a punk/noise band with improvised coffee-can drums).
    • The Wilco fans who very kindly came and tolerated the uncomfortable basement. (They’re rock show veterans so it didn’t faze them.)
    • Letting myself have bad posture while drumming again, and realizing that trying to sit up straight had been hurting my focus. So now, I would like to announce that bad posture is part of my playing technique (again).
  • The Xfinity billboard referencing the Morton Salt factory the sits right next to it (“Streaming worth its salt”). Yuck but also kind of creative.