Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-19-18

  • Hayden’s amazing cordless-drill-powered leaf harvester and how it was invented six or so years ago.
    • The excitement I feel that farming has been around for over 10,000 years and people are still finding simple but huge ways to make it better (Avrom Farm can harvest hundreds of pounds of vegetables in way less time now without having to use a vehicle or completely change their farming practice). The futuristic urban greenhouses with hyper-engineered lighting and irrigation are one thing; a sack made out of canvas with some spinny ropes and a cordless drill are another, more inspiring thing to me.
  • Enduring, but also kind of appreciating, the choreography and sales script of an oil change at a franchise shop, which was more intense and enthusiastic than they usually are.
    • “I hope you didn’t feel pressured to buy anything. I just really care about your car.”
  • The roadside marquee that said “SICK OF WINNING YET?” Me, not being able to tell whether it was for or against Trump.
  • How Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) is an underrated singer.
  • Watching a driver tweeze her neck while stopped at a red light.
  • Walking past a guy cutting his toe nails on his front porch.
  • Spotting two vaping Lyft/Uber drivers.