Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-17-18

  • The student whose hair looks like Timmy Turner’s.
  • The rose that someone had made out of folded napkins and left on a table in the dining hall.
  • The roll-up blinds in my room flying up during the night and scaring the crap out of me. Turning off all the lights to inspect the darkness outside my window. Concluding my investigation and rolling the blinds back down.
  • The funny way Princeton Architectural Press processes orders, with a custom-seeming barebones cart interface and plaintext confirmation emails.
  • The discovery that Facebook knowingly inflated video engagement statistics, which likely contributed to the trend over the past few years of major publications firing writing staff in favor of building video departments (“pivoting to video”).
    • How sometimes the conversations that surround those firings don’t acknowledge the benefit they pose to videographers, script writers, production assistants, and whoever else works on videos. But how I wouldn’t demand that a freshly (and dubiously) fired writer talks about that.
  • Appreciating flushless urinals (the ones that work at least).
  • My professor’s shiny boots.