Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-16-18

  • Learning how to spell “eczema” from Casey. (I had never written it down, but for years I thought “egg” or “suhma” were in there somewhere.)
  • Kicking a half-eaten churro on the ground.
  • The tiny kickstand on a Razor scooter.
  • Stumbling upon the beautiful, old-school website for Jena Labs audio equipment.
  • Installing AutoCAD (before my student discount expires).
  • How it’s hard not to feel like anyone with a Custom Ink shirt on is a putz (or at least friends with a putz) for not using a cheaper, local print shop.
  • How when I was a preteen the prospect of using real outboard recording gear, with a patchbay and all, seemed impossibly complicated but now it feels normal. And how building stuff with metal-/woodworking machines feels impossibly complicated now but how I hope it will feel normal at some point.