Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-13-18

  • Recording without a tea towel on my snare drum for the first time in, like, forever.
  • Stumbling upon an eBay listing for an anti-Kaepernick, anti-Nike, anti-Black-Lives-Matter “art print” that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Paint, with a 1,463-word, racist screed in its product description.
    • “The image will be printed on a glossy paper in high definition. All sales are final. I’m not thinking about myself. What? All you Facebooger diks can’t figure that out?”
    • “A.I. is going to destroy your lives! 5G is the baby step. Then comes Skynet.”
    • “[The globalist elites] think about $Green, not N*gga, Black, Whatever.”
    • Its weird combination of anticapitalist rage, which would sound at-home in a punk zine, and racist nationalism.
    • How it becomes like a diary toward the end, with dated updates on seemingly irrelevant current events, like Dr. Ford’s testimony at the Kavanaugh hearings.
    • Its idiosyncratic use of question marks.
  • Walking outside to find a woodpecker-looking bird on our porch.
  • Baking pies with Casey.
    • Finding a jar of McCormick whole clove spice from 1988 in our cabinet. Considering using it in our pumpkin pie, but deciding against it.