Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-12-18

  • The student with a full-head, bee-suit-looking face mask.
  • The marks the leaves leave on the ground from their seepage after rain, which are kind of impressively dark and long-lasting imprints for little leaves to leave.
  • The video of Brett Kavanaugh gripping his wife’s shoulder the way someone might manhandle a child, and how it would be gross and disrespectful even in that case.
  • My gamelan teacher being a sweet, great parent to his five-year-old kid whom he brought to class, and telling us about his childhood in Bali, where he would practice gamelan so late into the night that he would fall asleep next to it on the temple floor. Apparently it’s normal to keep a pillow and blanket near the instrument there for that reason.
  • Watching an English-speaking bartender and a Spanish-speaking regular use Google Translate to communicate with each other.
  • The student who raised his hand to bring up Nazi Germany in a philosophy class (a heavy no-no, if not for insensitivity then for intellectual laziness) inadvertently in the shape of a Nazi salute.