Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-11-18

  • The metal coat hangers clanging together and ringing like wind chimes.
  • The skinny, ‘50s-wood-paneled drinking fountain nestled in a crevice in the wall like it was custom-made for the building or else the wall was built around it.
  • The student whose voice sounds exactly like Stephin Merritt’s wearing a Taylor Swift shirt.
  • How the outside world looks so vibrant after taking off hazy safety glasses (similarly to 10-9-18).
  • Learning about the Daoist practice of (ostensibly) redirecting one’s sperm into one’s brain by refraining from ejaculation.
  • Wanting to carry a point-and-shoot camera again (like a Ricoh or a Yashica) but not wanting to be redundant with my iPhone, a long-running battle between tech-absolutism and having fun.
  • Lifting weights while listening to Tanya Tucker.
  • Noticing that I get tired every day at 4PM, as a pattern.