Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-8-18

  • The semi truck straps flapping in the wind like a Steve Reich instrument.
  • Listening to The Faust Tapes on the highway.
  • Listening to Preet Bharara explain, on his podcast, the difference between an FBI criminal investigation and an FBI background investigation, and why it was so silly for anyone to argue that Brett Kavanaugh had a right to be a Supreme Court justice.
  • The Cha Cha Jimenez NPR interview about turning the Young Lords gang into a human rights movement.
  • Ordering a Stabilo highlighter after seeing Casey’s.
  • The new version of Cargo Collective’s web hosting service. So cool and there’s nothing else like it. (I don’t use it but I’ve admired them for years. It’s the same people who run butdoesitfloat.com I think.)
  • Finding an empty mayonnaise packet and a caterpillar on the street. Moving the caterpillar to beneath a tree. Leaving the mayo packet.