Spencer Tweedy

Observations 10-6-18

  • Four years in, going to a tailgate for my college’s D-III football team for the first time.
    • Feeling a little bit sorry for the players on our team, who pour a lot of energy and care into it without much prospect of winning, let alone professional play. But mostly feeling indifferent because there are other emotional fish to fry. And we play in bands even when there’s not much money to be made from them—they must just like to play ball.
    • The number of players on the sidelines with crutches.
    • The near-complete lack of diversity on the opposing team.
    • Eating a vegan hot dog.
  • David Sedaris’s badass Guardian essay about walking (via Austin Kleon).
  • Overhearing students talk positively about a hypnotist who had performed on campus earlier.
  • Going for a run at night with Elijah, and the TV glow peeking through the window blinds of houses, a well-documented melancholism of life but still poignant to see for yourself.
  • NewModels.io making me feel so excited about internet publishing, and even a little envious because I’ve wanted to make something like it for a long time but I didn’t think to put the academic, political, and aesthetic pieces together in the way they did.
  • How there’s reading for reading’s sake and reading for clearing-your-Instapaper’s sake, and the former seems way more valuable than the latter.
  • Combing through the Lindsey Buckingham solo anthology (deluxe).
  • Singing “Your Man” (the Scotty McCreery “Baby Lock Them Doors” song) during YouTube karaoke at the house.