Spencer Tweedy

Observations 9-26-18

  • Thinking that my room (and the world) had literally gotten darker to my eyes because I was feeling sad, but then realizing that it was because a cloud had passed over the sun. Classic mistake.
  • Watching the BBC documentary about Ronnie Lane, The Passing Show, and crying!
    • How Ronnie’s main bass traveled through the years, played by different bandmates in different bands of his.
  • Rehearsing with the school’s Afrocuban drum ensemble and being slowly brought back to life with every cowbell hit.
  • My classmate in the Balinese gamelan ensemble telling us during a break that he was having a bad day, another classmate volunteering to give him a hug (which he graciously accepted), and then all of us standing up to form a hug-line for him.
  • My mom posting about a kind of unexpected development with her liposarcoma, which had been treated a few years ago, and watching loving comments pour in (to both of us).
  • Using a power saw, alone, to finish an assignment (a cardboard replica of my childhood “TV chair”) in the sculpture studio at 3AM.