Spencer Tweedy

Observations 9-22-18

  • Katy Kelleher’s essay about ugly design in the Paris Review, one of those awe-inspiring pieces that shows us how to connect abstract ideas with concrete observations.
  • Laying a pair of socks on a copy of a Kant book I bought for school, then taking them off in case it was a violation of the categorical imperative (would I want someone to put socks on a book I wrote? [on second thought I probably wouldn’t care]).
  • How it is usually baseball or football players who take the public hot sauce to a table for private use during meals in the dining hall—or else it’s my confirmation bias noticing the times that they happen to be the hot sauce hoarders.
  • The multigenerational horde of people showing up to play Pokémon Go on our college campus. People walking through the quad. People pulled over in cars.
  • Reading a picture book about the Chernobyl disaster at a thrift store.