Spencer Tweedy

Observations 9-20-18

  • My M.O. in the sculpture studio, where I’m taking an intro-level course: get out three different rulers, first thing.
  • The mailbox painted with vintage-hot-rod-style flames.
  • Writing lyrics while driving with Siri dictation.
  • The bicyclist with the longest rat tail I’ve ever seen.
  • The popularity of rollerblading in Madison, Wisconsin, relative to seemingly every other city I’ve been in.
  • Driving back from my dad’s show in Madison under heat lightning.
  • A “Let’s Go Rain” moment: the rain stopping when I got out of the car, the second time that happened this week. Me, kinda sorta thinking, in that non-belief-y sort of way, that it was a gift from the god-force. But then the rain starting again during my walk, and me, thinking, “Oh. That was stupid to have thought.”
  • The waste of spending one’s luck on illegal parking spots, if it turned out luck worked like a bank account.