Spencer Tweedy

Observations 9-18-18

  • A hearse driving by at the same time as a car with a booming, bassy stereo, and me, imagining that the music was coming from the hearse instead of the car.
  • Learning about (and using) the “crow’s foot” measurement marking method of carpentry.
  • Eating little BelGioioso mozzarella cheese balls for the first time since the betrayal [9-13-18].
  • A professor saying “diven” instead of “dove” for the past tense of “dive.”
  • Wanting to learn more about how vitamins in energy drinks make us feel more energetic.
  • The moral dilemma between feeling like I should markup books (as all good readers do) and wanting to give a fresh copy to the used book store when I sell/donate it later, especially in used books that I bought without any markup in them. Using Post-it notes in the meantime.
  • The conventional wisdom that tells us we should make it as easy as possible to do the creative work we want to do—e.g. put a guitar next to the bed, keep a notebook on the nightstand—in conflict with the poisonous thought that if you do anything to make your creative work easier, it’s a sign of a lack of determination or passion. Deciding, pretty confidently, that the latter thought is misguided, because making your environment more hospitable to work is an act of determination, evidence of your passion. Why should caring about your creative work mean that you should make it harder for yourself to do it?