Spencer Tweedy

Observations 9-16-18

  • Waking up in our hotel room to the bona fide smell of poop. Since no one had pooped the bed and the smell was coming from the window, wondering whether an Incredibles-esque super villain had enveloped the neighborhood in a stink bomb.
  • Watching a guy chug an entire tallboy can of something (probably energy drink, maybe beer) outside of a gas station, and then drive off.
  • The weirdness of billboards advertising specific surgeons’ return to specific hospitals, like they’re professional athletes. (The problem isn’t the reverence for surgeons, which is probably a good thing, but the sense that there’s a product to lure customers toward.)
  • Watching Enemy Mine, an ‘80s movie about a war between humans and the reptilian Drac race, on a warbly VHS in a bar. My friend predicting that it would end either with the main reptile character’s giving birth or dying, and him leaving before he could see both parts of that prediction come true.