Spencer Tweedy

Observations 9-15-18

  • Wondering when (or whether) someone is going to solve the “public bikes have no helmets” problem.
  • The woman skateboarding with a huge pizza in her arms.
  • The retro blue, yellow, and red stripes of the buses in this city.
  • The guy in full business attire, rifling through a bin of rubber duckies at a gift shop.
  • Sitting under a tree that was raining acorns on us, wondering whether a prankster squirrel was making them fall.
  • The rideshare driver playing Wendy Carlos’s classical synth arrangements. ”Some people hate it and ask me to turn it off. I just turn it up louder.”
  • Watching real grown-ups use a beer bong.
  • The precarious-looking wooden balconies of the student apartments here.