Spencer Tweedy

Observations 9-10-18

  • Putting a Nerf dart from the N-Strike era in a bin with darts from the Velcro dart tag era and thinking, somewhat insensitively, that I was teaching them about integration.
  • Investigating the animal sound from 9-7-18 and finding that mice had had a gathering there with Smarties from a nearby Halloween-leftover bowl, leaving wrappers and tiny turd evidence behind. Breaking the news to my mom carefully, like it was a serious tragedy (she really doesn’t like rodents, as least not in our house). Judging that the mice must have done a coordinated, military-style operation to get into and out of the candy bowl, because it was pretty deep. I’m talking mice standing on each other’s shoulders and slingshotting Smarties.
  • Going without deodorant and smelling my own B.O. for the first time in a long time! Feeling perversely satisfied by it, like, “Oh, I can still do that.”
  • Clogging the toilet in one of my final acts at home before starting the new (and final) college school year. But plunging it before I left.
  • Noticing the reverby bongos on “A Day in the Life” for the first time in my life.
  • Assuming that memorizing lines on Drunk History must be like preparing for your b’nai mitzvah (as a non-Hebrew, non-trope reader).
  • The jazz vocal student at my school’s conservatory scatting with an old school growl that you don’t hear often anymore.