Spencer Tweedy

Observations 9-9-18

  • Feeling stupid for staying up till 6AM (for no fun/productive reason).
  • Hearing from Sammy on the phone from college for the first time.
  • Experimenting with matcha green tea powder in my oatmeal, it being delicious, and feeling like I deserved a Pulitzer Prize for it.
  • Buying potatoes from Hayden at the Wicker Park farmers’ market. On the ride home, with the potatoes in the backseat (not buckled in), braking quickly to avoid rear-ending someone. Feeling relieved that the potato container didn’t spill (while everything else in the backseat did). Getting home and promptly dropping the potato container, and all of the potatoes, on the ground. (We kept and washed ‘em.)
  • The NPR story about a doctor who saved premature babies by keeping them in incubators in a Coney Island “freak show” attraction. The host referring to people who were saved by the program as “former babies.”
  • My great uncle’s Rosh Hashanah turkey.
  • Feeling relieved at having finally sorted the piles of stuff in my closet that had been sitting there pretty much since my family moved in, more than a decade ago.