Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-26-18

  • Mom checking to make sure that the bunnies on her graphic tote bag weren’t doing anything “bad” before heading to a wedding with it.
  • The playground in the park of my old neighborhood, renovated so that it’s soft and accessible now.
  • The man with a pistol and two clips in “We the People” Constitution-themed graphic holsters.
  • The sound of CTA trains going by near the backyard wedding.
  • The former neighbors talking about home improvement projects.
  • Austin Kleon’s roundup of quotes about holes on his blog.
    • After a visitor at an art museum fell into a work that was a giant hole, Gizmodo wrote, “Attendees of previous showings of the work have questioned ‘whether there really was a hole in the floor or whether it was simply a circle painted with an extremely dark black paint.’ Presumably there will be no doubts going forward.”
    • Kurt Vonnegut: “You will see this story over and over again. People love it and it is not copyrighted. The story is ‘Man in Hole,’ but the story needn’t be about a man or a hole. It’s: somebody gets into trouble, gets out of it again.”
    • The Looney Tunes episode “The Hole Idea,” which aside from its hilarious hole-related quotes, features completely overt misogyny.
  • Eating a fortune cookie with a Capital One ad on the back of the fortune.