Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-25-18

  • Taking a shower for the first time since Wednesday.
  • The subtle difference in pretzel taste, plumpness, salt concentration, and texture between two different brands in identical plastic barrels.
  • The middle-aged, classic-Chicago-looking brothers smoking cigars in the nature preserve.
  • Talking about renaming myself Spencewatt Tweedy.
  • Ohmme‚Äôs record release show, in the round, at Thalia Hall.
    • The Hecks wearing matching white polo shirts and reminding me of Devo circa their 1978 Paris concert footage (check YouTube!). They would just need to choreograph a little bit more.
    • Ohmme kicking ass.
    • The fan with neon-green hair glowing in the dark.
    • Ken Vandermark waiting for the cue to join Ohmme on stage, but with no backstage, standing in the crowd with his bass clarinet.
  • The condensation on the windows.