Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-22-18

  • Finding a dead bird in the middle of the street, moving it beneath a tree.
  • The New York Times story about an English professor who translated and rearranged an epic novel so that it used every word in a dictionary exactly once, making it a “complete reordering of one entire English dictionary into a single work of art.”
  • The Tested story about how Rolls-Royce worked with a Detroit automaker to help make Merlin plane engines during WWII.
    • Rolls-Royce had been making every engine by hand until that point.
    • The Detroit company, Packard, adapted to British metrics and tooling to fit their parts. They did such a good job that Rolls-Royce honored warranties on engines made by Packard decades later. It was cute.
  • The Reader story about Jungle Green! Specifically, about how Andrew put up hundreds of handwritten flyers around town advertising his records, and the responses he got from those.
  • Alex Chilton’s Bach’s Bottom again:
    • Chilton stopping a take to tell Richard Rosebrough, actually really sweetly, that his drumming was lacking spirit. “The shoulders! That’s where it lies.” (I’ve been there.)
    • Imagining that critics were probably pretty pissed at the ramshackle nature of the record, but appreciating that it’s basically a rehearsal recording with moments of great music interspersed. That’s kinda bold and it’s fun to listen to.
  • The bathroom rug, red, blue, and sinewy, like dyed veins and arteries.
  • The best friends with matching Adidas water shoes (wearing as everyday shoes).
  • The black latex glove on the ground.
  • The coconut Italian ice from Miko’s.