Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-21-18

  • Responding to a booking request the Blisters received a year ago, for an infeasible show, and getting an auto-reply that said the venue had closed.
  • Playing Hideout with Hue, on a bill with Jungle Green.
    • Jungle Green kicking ass like they always do.
    • The soundman, Jordan, being nice and patient and competent.
  • Alex Chilton’s Bach’s Bottom (via Sammy).
    • Thinking that Paul Westerberg is probably the same age that Chilton was when Westerberg said, “[Chilton] doesn’t need our help, he doesn’t want our help, but, damn it, he’s going to get it whether he wants it or not,” but being wrong about it (Westerberg was ~28 and Chilton was ~37 when he said that, and he’s 58 now.)