Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-17-18

  • Reading Craig Mod’s newsletter about his 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat and thinking, for the first time, that I might like to try something like that one day.
  • Staying indoors in beautiful, sunny San Francisco until 2PM and feeling bad about it.
  • The street-performing duo playing wooden flutes through belt-clip amplifiers, phasing against each other.
  • The sixtyish man with a European accent, waiting for the bus, helping a blind woman navigate past a cable run on the sidewalk.
  • The homelessness, way more apparent and concentrated than it is in Chicago’s downtown.
  • The custom-painted, tiger-stripe motor scooter.
  • The guy doing tricks with his hardshell suitcase like it’s a Tech Deck skateboard (e.g. bouncing off of tree, spinning around).
  • The guy wearing a head-to-toe, pink jumpsuit with matching pink shoes, who happened also to be in a wheelchair.
  • The local-cultural thing of playing music through big, battery-powered speakers on the street, something you virtually never see in Chicago.
  • The white-goateed guy at the bar, friendly-drunk, raving about Anchor Steam beer, telling me about his dream to make a shirt with an upside-down eye of the pyramid and the word “REVOLVE” on it. Me, correctly guessing that it was meant to represent the reversal of the world power structure.