Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-13-18

  • Smashing my thumb in the car door.
  • The light scorn I felt toward the teenager with a valet key on his keychain in the case that he chose to carry it, adding needless weight and jingle to his keychain, or the pity I felt in the case that he never learned a valet key is removable.
  • Another truck notice, “NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OBJECTS COMING FROM ROAD.” Doubting again (8-10-18) whether that’s a legal rejection of responsibility and, in this case, whether it would be necessary even if it were one.
  • The shirtless punk (classical definition) with a barbed wire tattoo that wraps all the way around the chest.
  • The can design of Parson’s Beer (a Revolution beer for Parson’s Chicken & Fish).
  • Holding a friend of a friend’s six-week-old baby.
  • Listening to a relative talk about a song through the lens of a breakup (“this has to be about heartbreak”), remembering the way they talked about music at the beginning of a relationship (“I understand all the songs now”).
  • Considering that so much of the art-making we look up to as kids, especially in photography, is the product of an adult’s ability/privilege to travel and to stumble upon unusual situations and interesting people. The excitement of being an adult and getting to stumble upon your own unusual situations and interesting people.
  • How deciding to poop without a phone in-hand is a modern form of ascetic practice.