Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-12-18

  • Waking up with “Blue Sky” by Allman Brothers Band stuck in my head.
  • The WWE figurines at Walmart.
  • My heart pounding while I watched an older couple fall over on a stationary motorcycle. (They were okay.)
  • The 1921 book, How to Psycho-Analyze Yourself by Joseph Ralph, my uncle gave to my mom for her birthday.
    • The amazing gold lettering on its cover.
    • The Psychoanalytic Review review that criticized it for being too prude and celebrated it for “aid[ing] the great work of mental hygiene.”
  • The young relative announcing, at the perfect comedic moment, that he hated all of us. (It was a temporary, Mountain Dew-induced tantrum.)
  • Watching stars, and satellites, and meteors during the Perseids shower with family.
    • How it seems like most of the time spent watching a meteor shower is actually spent complaining about the meteors you missed while you looked away.
    • The wonder of spotting satellites, which seem somehow more distant and foreign than visible planets.
    • The campaign merch boondoggle of Trump’s Space Force.