Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-10-18

  • The businessman wheeling a whiteboard across the street.
  • The painted notice, “NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BROKEN GLASS,” on the back of the plumbing company truck. Doubting whether that’s a legal rejection of responsibility.
  • Continuing my closet cleaning project (8-1-18).
    • Finding a strip of paper from middle school on which my best friend and I had written the calculation for conception: PENIS^(2^3) + ∠VAG(10!) = |SPERM|^(2+(7^0)) ± EGG^3(3/4) = BABY
    • Putting a box for a Western Digital external hard drive in the box for a Seagate external hard drive and feeling like I had made a turducken, a disrespectful, blasphemous dish.
  • The memory of pacing around the classroom, crying, after drop-off in preschool, stopping at the mirror of a toy kitchen set to watch myself cry.