Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-8-18

  • The tiny little tree with a tiny little stabilizing brace on it.
  • The antique and junk metal store.
    • The 19th-century-lookin-ass wooden hut on its campus.
    • The lawn full of rusting industrial equipment.
    • The leather saddle, mossy from rain.
  • The RVs towing SUVs. Feeling like it’s both cute and excessive to do that.
  • Leaving the house in ripped jeans (from natural causes), having just showered, thinking it’s generally a good bet to look disheveled but smell nice, or at least a better bet than the opposite.
  • Playing at the Empty Bottle with Hue.
    • The friendly and competent soundperson, Shay/Shae. Soundpeople are so often jaded or bad (or both), it’s really nice when they’re nice.
    • Heading to a seemingly usual, bemuraled corner store for a snack, finding a portal into a Ukrainian super market instead, complete with produce and a seafood deli. Buying imported, peanut-flavored Cheetos called Flips, a sesame sugar cracker, and an apple.
    • The band that left three nearly untouched salads in the green room.