Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-3-18

  • The Sysco restaurant supply truck that says “Follow me to your next great meal.” What if someone really did that?
  • The “Speed Monitored by Aircraft” signs, but never seeing a speed-monitoring aircraft.
  • The race for sheriff in Rock County, Wisconsin.
    • Judging by lawn signs, the race is pretty close.
    • The old, country church marquee: “GARY IS THE ONLY CHANCE 4 CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP.”
      • Gary may have an edge.
  • Getting lost in Albany, Wisconsin.
    • Stopping by the river and a tiny thrift store.
    • The comforting, mysterious marquee outside the fire station: “DON’T WORRY.”
    • The disappointment I felt when I saw the other side read “BE HAPPY.”
  • The badass vibraphone player, looking and acting like Will Forte if he became an experimental musician.
  • The danger of using the word “tight” to describe bands, since laypeople may hear the general definition (like “sick”).
  • The band Dehd, playing with matching green guitars, inspiring me and everyone else with their simple, energetic thing.