Spencer Tweedy

Observations 8-2-18

  • Breaking my key off in the studio door.
  • The Geraldo Rivera lookalike, wearing a black button-up (chest visible), ribcage-height jeans, and Skechers-ass sneakers.
  • That crazy, new Holger Czukay retrospective box set (thanks Billy).
  • The fence painted with “fallen soldier” silhouette art, then the pickup truck with “fallen soldier” window art.
  • The parking garage door with a little pedestrian door in it, like an industrial version of a hobbit home.
  • Walking down a not-moving escalator.
  • The strobing building lights.
  • The strobing license plate light.
  • The automatic sprinklers watering the DMV lawn.
  • “Lake Shore Drive” by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah poking through the bagel shop radio.