Spencer Tweedy

Observations 7-30-18

  • The plainclothes cops on the street, who happened to be women, which seemed unusual to me. (It turns out only 13% of U.S. police are women, according to DOJ.)
  • The amazing archival folk footage on Dust-to-Digital’s Instagram (thanks Dad).
  • Vacuuming schmutz out of my car.
  • The Susan Alcorn pedal steel performance at Experimental Sound Studio.
    • Arriving late and watching via live projector feed on the gallery wall.
    • The daunting complexity of the pedal steel.
    • The Band-Aid on Alcorn’s left wrist.
    • The audience seemingly looking back at me and other viewers through the cameras in the live room.
    • The bathroom, in a tough spot (next to the projector wall, with a silent, attentively listening audience).
    • Afterward, the Q&A with Ken Vandermark.
      • Vandermark’s kind manner of speaking.
      • Alcorn’s comment about the “deceptive simplicity” of country music.
  • The laundry exhaust of neighboring homes reminding me of my childhood best friend’s house.
  • The apartment with stock travel photos taped on the windows, facing outward.