Spencer Tweedy

Observations 7-27-18

  • Tracking drums with one of my favorite bass players.
  • Eating Indian food leftovers (7-26-18) outside under one of those gray summer skies.
  • Accidentally falling asleep while others were recording.
  • Re-watching the N.E.R.D NBA All Star game half-time show with Liam (an all-time great, but on a much smaller scale than Prince Super Bowl XLI).
  • Listening to part of Nathan Salsburg’s beautiful new record for the first time, on a run.
  • The young girl on a purple bike, giving me the stink eye every time she passed me on the track.
    • Wondering whether she was (justifiably) afraid of me because I’m white. Imagining how a Proud Boy-type might pervertedly see that as “reverse racism.”
  • Out of all the new-fangled things we have, HQ (the iOS game) feels like maybe the most movie-like one, like a benign Idiocracy.
  • The baby silverfish bug I found in the closed Q-tip container. Successfully completing a capture-and-release operation.