Spencer Tweedy

Observations 7-24-18

  • Emailing, writing, watching baking shows with Casey.
  • The yummy eggs she cooked.
  • Switching to Siteleaf so I don’t have to git commit every new post like an NSA contractor.
    • The Siteleaf website being so clear and humane it makes me wanna cry.
  • Casey’s microwave with time preset buttons (1 second, 10 seconds, 1 minute?) instead of a number pad. Wondering which interface is more useful, tentatively siding with the presets.
  • The phone call with a friend who sounded somehow weary but still optimistic.
  • Shopping for pet cowboy hats, finding the world’s most important dog-in-wig portrait instead.
  • The summer smell, better than usual.
  • The Elevator Constructors Union Local 2 license plate frame. Learning that there’s an Elevator Constructors Union Local 2.
  • The Costco shrimp that Mom brought home.
  • The ‘80s plastic rocking horse that Mom brought home.
  • Having hardly moved at all after seven days of constant physical work.
  • Vacuuming the pieces of protein bar I left while frantically eating, post-festival-teardown, at 5:45AM on Monday (7-23-18) morning.