Spencer Tweedy

Observations 7-21-18

  • The former Ohio country GOP chairman breaking my brain by resigning in (seemingly sincere) protest of Trump’s Putin stance, then saying, right afterward, he might still vote for Trump in 2020.
  • The security guard wistfully recounting a story about a super skilled chainlink fence assembler: “The guy was a legend.”
  • The merch sellers preaching: “When you wear a beret, you want it to fit right.”
  • Seeing a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, being glad that he seemed happy and centered.
  • The high school interns shooting hoops with ice cubes (basketballs) and CO2 tanks (nets).
  • Being loudly and long-ly honked at by an ambulance because my work golf cart blocked its path, scrambling to start it up and move it, feeling startled and embarrassed, but also defensive, because I had parked it reasonably, had been focused on a task, had heard no siren, no onlookers had warned me.
  • Learning more about my coworkers, their marriages, solo projects, non-summer-festival day jobs. One works in ads and is fulfilled by it because copywriting is like poetry. One proposed at 21 without a ring. One dumpster dives, but I already knew that.
  • Stage strobe lights flashing in daylight.